Grilled Zucchini and Eggplant topped with Lamb

This meal is easily made in under 20 minutes, which is why it’s a regular in my house and an absolute favourite of mine.  The fresh herbs, grilled vegetables and feta are a match made in heaven, especially when teamed with a perfectly cooked Lamb loin (which isn’t as hard as you think!).  For this recipe, the BBQ is your best friend.  And ladies, don’t be afraid to get in there and do it yourself (the boys have really talked up how hard it is…). Alternatively, you could simply roast the  vegetables and meat in the oven or use a grill hot-plate.

With all the vegetables you’ll well and truly be left feeling full, while knowing that you’re feeding the body and soul a nourishing meal that high in all the nutrients you need such as fibre and protein.  Happy cooking and don’t forget to tag #bodybossrecipes in your instagram upload to share the love and be featured on the @beyourbodyboss gram.

This recipe serves 2, but simply double or half the recipe depending on how many you’re cooking for!


2 x Lamb Loin (~300g)

2 x Zucchini, sliced length ways into 1cm slices

1 x Eggplant, sliced length ways into 1cm slices

1/4 cup Sicilian Green Olives, Pitted & Halved

1/4 cup fresh Mint Leaves

4 springs fresh Dill

Fetta to crumble over (I opt for Persian Feta)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Pre-heat BBQ or oven (~180 degrees Celsius)
  2. Salt the eggplant on both sides and leave for 5 minutes.  Rinse of salt and pat dry with paper towl.
  3. Lightly cover the eggplant and zucchini with Olive oil.
  4. Place on BBQ and leave to grill on each side fro approximately 3-4 minutes. Turn as required.
  5. Cook Lamb xxx.  Allow to rest for 3-5 minutes and slice.
  6. Divide cooked zucchini and eggplant between two plates.
  7. Top with sliced lamb, mint, olives, dill and fetta.
  8. Drizzle dressing over the top and enjoy!

Got left-overs?  Why not enjoy them as a salad tomorrow, or in a wrap with greek yoghurt.


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