Healthy Eating for Busy Ladies

Whether its work, friends, juggling the family and kids or a combination of the lot, all woman can find themselves busy and caught up in the motion of things.  But that shouldn’t mean looking after yourself and your wellbeing should have to slip up either.  Often your wellbeing (healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness) gets pushed aside at these times in our lives without realising the consequences.  Consequences often include a lack of energy or concentration, feeling run down, stress as well as poor mental health – all things we don’t want to be feeling when busy and stressed.  By putting the simple steps below into action you don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing when life gets busy.

  1. Plan ahead. This is probably one of the most important points.  Being prepared ahead of time will also save you extra trips to the supermarket or take-away, and save you extra money.  On a Sunday (or your quite day), take 20-30 minutes to plan out your meals for the week to take away any guess work or take-away options at times of stress. Then come 7pm, you’ve got everything you need to cook dinner at home waiting for you.
  2. Shop once a week. Take away the temptations of picking up extra food you don’t need as well as saving yourself the time during the day (or evening) grocery shopping for single meals at a time.  For the ultimate time saver or if you find yourself too busy to get to the supermarket, buy your groceries online.  With supermarkets now offering this service (and the produce is often better than you can pick yourself!) it’s time to take advantage and avoid the carpark and check-out ques.
  3. Keep snacks on hand. That way, when times get busy you can reach for something healthy, quick and already prepared.  Pack a couple of healthy snacks, veg-based or protein-based, in the morning (or prepare the weeks snack in advance) and save money and time stopping at a café or drive-through.  Subscribe to the Be Your Body Boss for your free “Healthy Snacks” eBook.
  4. Cook double-serves of meals. Freeze the extra serve for later. Keeping the freezer stocked with healthy meals takes the effort out of having to cook a meal on those late nights, and make for a quick lunch to take to work. Plus it will save you extra money on food waste and take out.
  5. Schedule in exercise, just like you would for a meeting or appointment. Book it in and you’ll be more likely to do it.  Exercise and/or meditation is just as important for your wellbeing as going to the hairdressers or accountant, so make time for it, book it in and do it. If you feel a lack of motivation, team up with a friend or colleague and organise an exercise class or run after work.

Do you have any tricks you do when life gets busy? We would love to hear and share it with others so leave a comment below.

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