Lunchbreaks – How To Make The Most Of Them

Lunchbreaks are the all-important break in the workday, that we are either waiting for during a slow day or can completely miss on a busy day.  This valuable time should not be wasted, as you’ll find you will be a whole lot more productive during the afternoon as well as leaving yourself with some spare time after work or spare cash in the pocket.  Check out these five tips, see which one works for you and aim to make it happen. Every workday.

  1. Say goodbye to buying lunch. Bring your own.

Not only will that mean you have a little more time to yourself during your lunchbreak, but if it is a busy day you can still squeeze in a wholesome meal to get you through the afternoon.  Lining up for takeaway is over-rated and not worth the $10-15.  Not only are you surrounded by less than average options in the food court, but you are also more inclined to buy more than you actually want (yes I’ll make that a meal).  Take 15 minutes the night before or morning, or even simply make extra of what’s on the menu for dinner, and have it ready for lunch. More time to break, less time in line.

  1. Get your daily dose of exercise.

If you’ve got yourself an hour break, why not head to the gym or go for a run outside to save building up the motivation after a long day of work.  Not only will you feel refreshed, with more energy and concentration to get the job done, but you’ll be healthier for it. Most workplaces and gyms now have showers on hand, so no need to worry about being smelly afterwards.

  1. Catch some Vitamin D and soak up the sun.

Take your lunch outside, to a park bench or some grass near-by.  The fresh air and sun rays on your skin will give you the break you mind and body needs, while getting the nutrition you might miss out on those long days.  Vitamin D is important for keeping you bones strong (and preventing hunchback and osteoporosis down the track) as it aids in calcium absorption.

  1. Take time out. Relax, meditate or anything that makes you feel rested.

Getting caught up in the daily work grind and leave you feeling stressed, run down and overworked.  So make sure to take some time, even if its 5 minutes, to just relax and re-set for the afternoon ahead.  This may mean meditation for some, checking social media for others or just having a breather for others.  Whatever it may be, your body and immune system will be thanking you for it, you trust me you’ll feel the benefits!


Enjoying a combination of these, and making them a habit, will leave you a whole lot better off and keep your work-life balance in check.  Don’t skip lunch (if you can help it) and make your mental and physical wellbeing a priority.

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