Looking for the ultimate body toning work-out? Let me run a private Pilates session for yourself (one-on-one) or a group.

Pilates is a concentrated and controlled work-out that focuses on activating the core of the body, along with flowing movements and breathing.  Originally designed for rehabilitation and injury management, Pilates is now becoming more popular for those wanting to tone and transform their body.   Pilates is a safe work-out and has shown to aid in back pain management, correct muscle imbalances, and improve core stability and posture.

Pilates is a great work-out for people of all ages and stages of fitness (beginners through to advanced).


Body Boss Pilates

Wanting to enjoy a whole-body work-out in the comfort of your own house or favourite park? or looking to run a Pilates class as part of event?  Simply get in contact with me, via my contact form below, to work-out together and feel the benefits.

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