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Whether its work, friends, juggling the family and kids or a combination of the lot, all woman can find themselves busy and caught up in the motion of things.  But that shouldn’t mean looking after yourself and your wellbeing should have to slip up either.  Often your wellbeing (healthy eating, exercise, mindfulness) gets pushed aside at these times in our lives without realising the consequences.  Consequences often include a lack of energy or concentration, feeling run down, stress as well as poor mental health – all things we don’t want

Do you spend a fair few hours a month travelling for work, between airports, conferences and meetings? Don’t let travel overtake your #bodyboss, and wave goodbye to your wellbeing goals left on the tarmac. Often travel means airports, lay-overs, plane food, conferences and needless to say, finding healthy food can be difficult to find.  Naturally these places haven’t quite jumped on-board of the healthy (but something delicious you actually want to eat!) bandwagon, and temptations of a muffin or cookie get stronger as the day gets longer.  Keep these simple

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